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January 23 2015


5 New hair growth Supplements You have to Take To Stop Thinning hair

Natural supplements for hair growth
A lot of people take vitamin and minerals to keep up the healthiness of themselves. This can be the key reason why so many people resort to taking vitamin supplements to prevent thinning hair.Hair thinning could be embarrassing and depressing as it really affects your appearance. Hair growth supplements can help you in connection with this. Today, Let me tell you about five such supplements that will help natural hair restoration.

what vitamins are good for hair growth
Vitamin b complex

B vitamins are extremely needed for the fitness of the hair; although some people might of which can stop hair thinning. B3 or Niacin improves the blood circulation to the scalp and stimulate new hair growth, thus preventing hair loss. Niacin is present to food like beans, peanuts, chicken, whole grains and fish. B6 or Pyridoxine has proven to stop thinning hair. It maintains the colour with the hair which vitamin can be found in meats, eggs, liver, cereals and vegetables. B7 or Biotin is a B complex that has keratin. Keratin may encourage hair regeneration and stop an excessive amount of hair thinning. Biotin exists in food like soybeans, walnuts, brown rice, eggs, peas, lentils, oats, sunflower, seeds and liver. It is also contained in many good hair care products since they can help hair be thicker, elastic and moisturized.

Ascorbic acid

According to study, Vitamin C increases the the circulation of blood inside the scalp. In addition, it generates collagen naturally which improves the elasticity from the hair. Vit c exists in red peppers and citrus fruits.

E vitamin

This really is another supplement that improves blood circulation for the scalp. In addition, it hastens hair regeneration. Soy beans, vegetable oils, green vegetables, wheat germ and eggs are foods rich in Vitamin e antioxidant.


Folic acid encourages healthy development of cells and hair rejuvenation. Lack of vitamin b folic acid may cause baldness, particularly in men. Taking supplements of those vitamins will reduce the chances of baldness. Nuts and soybeans are very abundant with folic acid.


This vitamin is extremely important to avoid hair thinning as it raises the growth of tissues, cell reproduction and hair repair. It enhances vitamin absorption and keeps hair fast growing. Zinc occurs in shellfish, eggs, wheat germ, lamb, peanuts, brewer's yeast and oysters.

While these supplements for thinning hair are proven to become helpful, it is still best to ask for the doctor's advice before you take them. Nutritional vitamin supplements can help prevent baldness or hair loss however, not to the point that it can cure if significant amount of hair has already lost.

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